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The Knights of Balenciaga

Demna Gvasalia reinvented a mode to present his fashion show online: a video game called

"Afterworld - The Age Of Tomorrow" where characters move in special Balenciaga outfits and run and jump and turn as brave knights of the night.

I swear I might have seen King Arthur close the runway! Or maybe was just Eliza Douglas with the mythic Excalibur sword? Let’s start the game to discover it. (OK I have to admit it…the queue is a bit long so you can wait a bit…). But then, finally:

“Congratulations, you have reached the highest level of digital enlightenment. If you’d like to start another game, please come later”.


Each user can choose an avatar and play with it entering a virtual store set in a phantasmagorical city in a pseudo-parallel universe. Then you will be teleported in a labyrinthine and unexplored forest full of snares.

For this reason, the clothes are a mix of ages between the NASA jackets and the kneepads in silver as true armours. The new Balenciaga pre-crinkled materials are perfect to protect yourself day and night as well as the alien sunglasses.

The philosophical idea behind all this tech-warrior choice is that the creative director has in mind the future of 2031 as a completely renewed world in which clothing is meant to transform over many years and in which fashion workers are the fighters (or the allies?) of a digital world in which it seems not to be space for them, apparently. So, fashion brands always fall to their feet creating their own game with their own rules. That’s the power of creation.

That’s what Demna Gvasalia told in 2018:

“What is different about my point of view is pragmatism. The fashion world isn’t the real world and my aesthetic is a kind of hyperrealism.”

In 2019 Balenciaga had anticipated a three dimensional tunnel to present its spring collection imagining the catwalk as a giant virtual space where designers could express themselves.

To be able to anticipate every future step: this is the winning strategy for luxury business.

----- G A M E O V E R -----

Your Wi-Fi connection drops.

By Alessandra Busacca

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