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The 2020 Emmys; The Stars that Stood Out

The dress code for the 2020 was reportedly phrased as “come as you are, but make an effort”.

Clarity was certainly not the main concern for the creators of this code...none the less, the

resultant spectrum of interpretations made for excellent entertainment. While we may have been

deprived of a full-blown red-carpet extravaganza, some celebrities still took note of the ‘make an

effort’ aspect of the dress code. Maybe they are missing it as much as us?

Twenty four-year-old actress, Zendaya, stood out this year in more ways than one. She was

awarded the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama for her role as ‘Rue’ in Euphoria. Not

only is she the youngest actress to ever win this award, she is also the second ever black woman

to win. Zendaya is also very well known for delivering iconic fashion moments, and this awards

ceremony was no different.

Her first outfit of the evening consistent of a tulip shaped Christopher John Rogers dress with an

iridescent purple skirt. She paired the piece with Bulgari jewells and sparkly Lauboutin heels. She

then accepted her award in a Giorgio Armani Privé polka dot skirt and jewel encrusted bralet. An

all round show-stopping evening for the young actress.

An actress who had a slightly different interpretation of ‘make an effort’ was Sandra Oh. She used

the opportunity to make an important statement. She wore a custom silk bomber jacket,

embroidered with the words “Black Lives Are Precious” in Korean writing.

“After George Floyd’s death and the protests that followed, I felt that as an Asian-American, a

Korean-American person, I wanted to express my support for the Black community in a way that

felt personal to my community,” the actress explained.

Her message was clear and it was truly inspiring to see such a personal statement expressed through her awards ceremony outfit.

Finally, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, a truly lovely loungewear look was worn by

Jennifer Anniston. The actress was wearing a pink floral robe with a chunky silver necklace (a

classic lockdown combination?) as she hosted a surprise Friends reunion with Courtney Cox and

Lisa Kudrow. Anniston certainly nailed the ‘come as you are’ dress code, whilst still looking

glamorous as ever.

Sad as we all were not to experience the joys of a traditional red-carpet this year, the incredible

looks that celebrities came up with were just as spectacular, and in fact they felt more personal

than ever.

By Sophie Easton

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