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Spot Stickers; The Best Way to Beat Blemishes?

Call them what you want; spot stickers, acne patches, dots for spots...these dainty and discrete

blemish treatments have seen an incredible surge in popularity within the past year. For those with

dry skin, it can often be confusing to know how to treat individual zits. Acne treatments may be

too harsh and drying your skin, when really you only need to focus on one area. Equally, if you’ve

noticed a singular spot the night before an event, the prospect of erasing it entirely (and speedily)

can be rather daunting.

Enter spot stickers. These tiny patches are not dissimilar to plasters, they work their magic in a

concentrated area and keep it covered to speed up the healing process. That is the main appeal

of these tiny patches for many wanting to zap a spot; they prevent the picking. We’ve all been

there...you notice a spot and try to ignore it, time goes by and you cannot help but pick and poke

at it until you’re left with a much more unsightly affair than you started with. Happily, if you’ve

covered the offending blemish with a cute spot sticker, you won’t let yourself go near it.

So, how do they work? The most common ingredient in many different brands of spot sticker is

hydrocolloid. This is a typical wound dressing that promotes healing and creates a shield against

pollutants. Another key ingredient is salicylic acid, which is a lipophilic (meaning it can penetrate

oily skin). This is a popular ingredient in many acne treatments as it works inside the pore to

unclog and regulate excess sebum.

There is a great selection of spot stickers available, ranging from a mere £5.99 to some rather

pricier options. The most popular option, the Star Face Hydro Stars, have quickly become a cult

classic. Not only packed with the hero that is hydrocolloid, they come in cyber silver,

multicoloured and glow in the dark colour options. Never has it ever been so easy to be positive

about a pimple. For £19 these are a truly fun option to trial, they also come in an a reusable yellow box, so are the most sustainable option on the market.

Alternatively, Dots for Spots (£5.99) use very similar ingredients and are extremely thin and

transparent, so you could even get away with stealthily wearing them out and about. Finally,

Zitsticka’s ‘killa’ acne patches are incredibly advanced in that they are covered in micro darts

which inject salicylic acid and niacinamide directly into the the spot. For £27, these are definitely a costly choice but, with technology that impressive, they have got to be worth a try.

By Sophie Easton

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