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Space looks from head to toe

Welcome to another galaxy!

The end of 2020 has led to a different kind of genre in fashion, a hybrid style created on space notes and inspirations.

Dior, for its Men Fall 2021, took us in a universal and colorful dimension with a collection rich with suggestions of the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth.

Balenciaga, with its new video game, teleported us in a parallel world where the main characters were absolutely two: electricity and digital.

Chanel chose the silver moon and a shining night sky of stars as the set of the mythical fragrance Chanel number 5 starring the fascinating French actress Marion Cotillard. The short film is a story of encounter and transformation, from Paris to the realm of Selene.

If you are keen on some fashion fun facts about space, you might know that Neil Armstrong's suit was made by Playtex, an industrial division of women's bra. The designer called the suit "the world's smallest spacecraft" because the item itself works as an interstellar ship giving astronauts protection against extreme environments, delivering oxygen, and modulating temperature. In fact, the white color has been chosen because it reflects heat. A protection suit, these times, is a precious gift and can really save your life even without leaving the Earth. It is the joy of travel, now terribly shocked by sanitary restrictions, which make us fly away.

Emilio Pucci designed Space Age-inspired uniforms between 1965 and 1974 for flight and ground crews, including special helmets for hostesses: plastic bubbles called "Rain Domes", really funny.

The real truth is that dreamy landscapes of unknown worlds have always attracted human beings, naturally interested in mysteries and new forms of life. So we do not have to remain shocked by the new upcoming “retro wave” style of our wardrobes. In this case, the word “retro” is not an index of vintage but of the future.

Let’s recap briefly the features of the space looks:

Regarding CLOTHES:

  • Sustainable synthetic materials

  • Reflective, iridescent, glitter textiles

  • Moonboots and similar

  • Silver or white high boots

  • Black sunglasses as Balmain below


  • Space Buns (as Princess Leila)

  • Milky Way Colours on eyes or @makeupbrutalism visions. She is the starter of the #uglymakeuprevolution movement.

  • Holographic lipsticks to new 3D heights lips


  • Kira Kira +

  • Galaxy

And now the Eye is ready for a new Star War to come!

By Alessandra Busacca

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