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Online Xmas Shopping

We have reached the end of another year – a bit different from the years that we have gone through prior, considering that it is this tumultuous and unexpected year of 2020. Worry not, for we are now in the final stretch, and with this period usually comes the joy of the yuletide season and the promise of a fresh chapter that the oncoming new year will bring.

This year might aptly be marked as the year when our lives were transported online, more so than it already was for many of us. Out of necessity, we have to stay indoors and do most of our business and socializing online. Luckily, the online world has always offered plenty of ways to keep us busy and productive.

Admittedly, a lot of our online ventures have indulged our temptation to splurge and ease off a bit of the stress and unease that this year has brought. I’m sure we all have randomly bought something that we don’t necessarily need off of the internet at least once.

At this point, we might already have go-to sites for our shopping needs. But with Christmas just around the bend, it doesn’t do any more to just purchase the most generic presents for our friends and family. A pair of socks or the traditional ugly sweater might do, but if you’d like your gifting efforts to be commended an extra amount, you might want to think outside the box.

Here at ThEye, we like to pride ourselves in knowing a thing or two about beauty. So here are a few ideas to aid you in your upcoming gifting spree:


  • FOREO’s LUNA range of silicone cleansers have been highly commended due to their effectiveness in deep cleaning. Their prices start for as low as £34.

  • Facial steaming is usually done during facials to unclog pores. It is no wonder that facial steamers are now being used by many people even at home. A popular option is the one sold by Vanity Planet, but cheaper alternatives are always available on Amazon.

  • Face rollers are all the rage nowadays. There are plenty of celebrities and beauty gurus that have been spotted incorporating such in their beauty routine. Do they actually work? You and your friends can find out for yourselves and use these soothing tools during home spa night.


  • Face masks are the probably the most versatile skincare products - from drugstore brands to organic to sheet masks, there is one for all skin types. Korean sheets masks are popular for their wide variety when it comes to scents, colours and ingredients. They would surely make for a fun gift this holiday season.

  • Hand cream or lotion is no longer an overlooked part of our beauty routines, as it has become somewhat a necessity with all the hand-washing this year has warranted. OUAI hand lotion is an aesthetically sleek choice; it is good for cleansing and best paired with their new exfoliating hand wash.

  • Hair care products are in everybody’s beauty arsenal. It can get confusing with the abundance of choices in the beauty aisle – and they all seem to promise the same good results! An innovative company called Function of Beauty offers customizable products, leaving you in charge of the type, scent, and colour.

By Sophie Jocson

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