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MFW 2020

This is a moment that the fashion system and we all will hardly forget, the one that ended in Milan last week.

The d-date is February the 23rd, 2020 , the day when social media, emails, and blogs were clogged at the same time by two news that made history.

On the one hand, Giorgio Armani closes the doors of his show to journalists and buyers because of the first Coronavirus case in Italy.

On the other hand, Prada announces the new creative co-director Raf Simons, proposing, in this way, a new concept of creative direction for a brand.

A rediscovered femininity

The annual schedule of Milan events is continuously going through several changes, but Fashion Week had remained unharmed until that infamous date.

In the previous editions, it was possible to attend avant-garde shows! From the dubious entrance from the backstage at Gucci, who made the preparations the show per se, to the travel in the time of a Marie Antoinette 2.0 in a miniskirt and chains at Moschino.

This is a rediscovered femininity, less streetwear, and more woman power at this Fashion Week.

From Prada jackets, structured or padded, black or colorful, with skirts made of fringes, to leather looks by Ferragamo and Fendi.

Less bomber jackets and more coats, of course, Max Mara docet, together with Agnona.

The return of knitwear gives a touch of romance, a total look for Jil Sander and maxi pull dresses for Marco De Vincenzo. The grandmother's brooch is reinterpreted in a macro version and, the bags get smaller and smaller and encircle the waist.

Sustainable fashion at MFW 2020

For what concerns environmental sustainability, we all heard King George's voice with his Emporio line.

This is a subject all the businesses are dealing with at the moment, and it is actively challenging the creativity of the Made in Italy.

I'm saying yes to recycle Armani's motto, who opens his show with the R-EA capsule made of recycled fabrics.

Salvatore Ferragamo does the same, he gives a new life to the leather from bags and shoes, and Herno shows up with its nylon jackets produced by the use of fishing nets thrown into the sea.

All for the sake of giving a better world to our children, this is the intimate desire expressed by Vivetta for her affected and colorful FW 2020 collection.

A world where fashion continues to bring lightness in our lives!

By Pamela Romano

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