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Meeting the Designer - Interview with Mirko Bruno

While I was living in Milan I had the chance to meet a young designer: Mirko Bruno recently graduated in fashion design.

I saw a couple of his gowns and intrigued I wanted to know all about his story, this is what happened:

- Hi Mirko, it is a pleasure to meet a young individual with such a big talent. Tell me, what made you think you wanted to be a designer?

I have always had a passion for fashion, jewellery, and beauty in general since I was little. My entire family has always had this cult.

It all started with jewels. When I was five I used to make them with Swarovski.

I tried to reproduce those jewels on I was seeing on the magazines as good as I could, until one day my mother suggested me to attend jewellery classes.

These classes were taking place in an old-fashioned haberdasher close to home in my small town in the south of Italy, the shop called: “Gatta Matta” and I believe that was the moment I fell in love with that world.

Later on, at middle school one of my classmates came up with the idea of creating a fashion line, we had no idea of what we were talking about as teenagers, we only knew we wanted to do that. I only knew how to draw things, I loved drawing women and gowns.

Among the stuff I drew, there was this one dress she instantly fell in love with. It was a mermaid dress, with a tiny corset, embodied at the top and with a long train.

Back at that time my auntie was the owner of a wedding dress shop and she knew how to sew dresses, so, I went to her to get that dress done, but when I told her about my idea she started laughing at me. Oh gosh how naïve I was back at that time, I had no clue about dressmaking and how hard it would be!

I have always been an ambitious kid, I was determined to produce the dress didn’t matter what. I ended up going every day at my auntie’s shop, I was always sitting next to her to spy and imitate her and in about one month I handmade my dress, as good as I could for my age, of course!

Afterwards, I took the dress to school, my teacher was shocked, so were my friends and later on that year I organised my first fashion show, in my courtyard!

A couple of years later I enrolled at a fashion high school, despite my teacher’s desire to see me in a Grammar school, I loved those five years, I learned a lot, and I spent my free time at my auntie’s shop.

I learned how to sew things properly by unstitching clothes I wasn’t wearing anymore and sewing them back.

I sewed and sold my first proper dress at the age of 14.

- Has your family always supported you?

Yes, my parents have always supported me, they were afraid I would be bullied at the fashion high school because it is a “feminine” school, but luckily it has never happened.

- As a young designer, what are the qualities and the knowledge a designer MUST have?

I strongly believe that to be a real designer you must know all the processes behind a gown, you must know how to draw it but you also have to be aware of everything from the model making to the tailoring.

- When thinking about your dresses do you have a favourite designer to look up to?

Dior, the 50s, perfection!

In my mind I have always had the idea of a perfect woman, like Mr. Dior.

I would love my woman to be elegant and polished.

-So, having that ideal woman in mind, if you could design a dress for a celebrity, who this celebrity would be?

Blake Lively, she can wear everything, can’t she?

She is not one of those super skinny models, she has a feminine body, with perfect curves, and she is my perfect woman!

-What would you communicate with your dresses?

Fashion is a double-edged sword, some people use it to hide who they are, some others use it to make them feel more confident, to make them feel and look better, which is something I do.

So, what I would like my clothes to do is to make women who wear them feel better about themselves. I want my clothes to communicate beauty, to make you feel beautiful, to enhance your natural beauty, to make you feel more confident.

I know you just graduated but do you have plans for the immediate future?

I am working on creating a couture collection just mine, with exclusive gowns for a high target woman.

Let’s stay tuned because I am pretty sure we are soon going to see his work on the catwalks…

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