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Make-up trend: Color Analysis

Warm or cold? Summer or winter?

These are just a few questions that a Colour Analyst is going to ask to your skin during an color analysis test, a peculiar beauty treatment. Make- up artists create an equilibrium of nuances on your visage incorporating cosmetics in a unique palette made to measure for you and based on the natural pigments of your complexion.

All began in the 80s with the first hit on the issue: “Color me Beautiful” book by Carole Jackson, now a bit outmoded, other texts have been updated.

The aim is to not to follow trends but try to find an individual style that perfectly suits our aura. Moreover it is becoming terribly relevant in marketing as a psychological factor to consider when selling an aesthetic product and we must say it has no science value, because colours speak to perceptions. But don’t mess it up. If you are blonde with big blue eyes, it does not mean you have to wear just cold colours. It’s much more than this.

Let’s proceed with steps: the first thing to bring to the table is the knowledge of the biological qualities of the four seasons, their colours and behaviours during the cyclic course of the year. Then figure out to which tones are linked to, according to make-up. At last, every season is divided into four sub-variants: light, warm, bright (or soft) and pure. It depends on diverse criteria: the colour of hairs, eyes, skin-tone and even veins and lips colour.

ThEye Magazine has chosen four actresses for you to better identify the seasonal colour analysis, but as we said before, the categories are deeper than the seasons. If you want to discover it by yourself, book a personal Colour Analysis test at an Image Institute and don’t forget to experiment your surprising, or not, result.


Julia Roberts is a soft autumn type according to the colouring test. Spices palette from turmeric to saffron. Look at the palette for her wardrobe from the 80s: a burnt sienna jacket with an ochre shirt paired with a peachy lipstick and a tone of yellow in the pocket.


It is not always synonymous with cold colours, especially regarding the red one, even if the sub-tones of the olive or black skins are considered deep cold. Salma Hayek, black hairs and eyes, is winter. But there are other examples with clear eyes, such as Megan Fox.


This type hates the grey and the black.

It has an extremely glowing radiation, as Jessica Chastain in this bright green colour palette.


Light and cool with a low contrast between the natural colours. This category chooses the powder colours and pastel, as the dress code of a wedding. The angel in the picture is Elle Fanning, a perfect summer type with a lilac A-Line Formal Prom Dress (2017) at the Cannes Film Festival

By Alessandra Busacca

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