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Whenever the name Kim Kardashian comes out there are dissonant voices, some people adore her, some others think she doesn’t deserve the success she has because she like her entire family and doesn’t have any talent.

It’s not fair to say the only reason why she got famous is because of her sex tape of 2013, the Kardashian women are indeed businesswomen. The boss-mum Kris Jenner could create an opportunity from an unhappy situation.

Kris Jenner, even before the uneasy publication of the sex tape gave the world prove to be a kick-ass woman, by helping her second husband the athlete Bruce Jenner in a master and lucrative motivational speaker.

When the tape was published she dared to use it in her family’s favour, she is a forward-thinker and that’s how the successful TV series Keep it up with the Kardashian was born.

We all know that fame doesn’t last forever if not supported by real talent and strength, which is what the Kardashians have. Nowadays, they are the owners of international fashion and beauty brands and the ability to be an entrepreneur despite the negative opinions is indeed a talent.

One of the most successful among the Kardashians is Kim, who only yesterday, Friday 22nd of November launcher her second collaboration with her make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic.

From the pictures we can see all over the web, this line seems to be a lot different from the previous one, we can see warmer colors and glitter.

Mario is inspired by Kim in his creations and mixes and, it doesn’t surprise us that this collaboration is called: THE ARTIST & MUSE.

There are a few videos in which Mario himself talks about his inspirations and mixes, is this maybe just the second of many future collaborations between the two?

Let’s keep it up with Kim!

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