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Jessica Wang’s Amazon Collection Goes Live Today

Jessica Wang is the latest international influencer to launch a limited-edition capsule collection through Amazon’s shopping initiative The Drop.

Wang’s five-piece summer collection is due to launch today, and will be available for just 30 hours – or less depending on demand.

The eCommerce giant launched The Drop last year, and has previously collaborated with a host of global trendsetters including Patricia Bright, Charlotte Groenveld and Emi Suzuki. The Amazon-Jessica Wang collection is set to offer ‘attainable luxury’ to consumers, as reflected in the cost. The five-piece collection, all of which is reasonably priced at less than £65, has been carefully designed to be mixed and matched with existing wardrobe staples, and to be wearable across seasons.

Wang, the creator behind the popular blog Not Jess Fashion, has explained her versatile collection was designed with her loyal followers at the heart of the creative process, while also embodying her own inspirational sense of style. Through her blog, Wang revealed she hoped the collection would be both ‘approachable and playful’ with bold, statement pieces that are easy to wear for all occasions. An early sneak preview of the collection has revealed an array of pretty pastel shades, sheer fabrics and voluminous ruffles, mostly in the form of summer dresses and tops.

The Drop follows a streetwear sales tactic associated with brands like Supreme and BAPE, in which a limited-edition product or collection is made available with little advance warning and for only a short period of time. This is done to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, and has proved very popular with the youth of today.

The drop model can offer a sustainable way of producing clothes. In the case of Amazon, the made-to-demand system means that a product is only manufactured once purchased to reduce unnecessary waste. It’s also an incentive to value clothing more, particularly if an effort was made to secure it. However, the frenzied retail climate of the drop model can pressure us into buying frivolously. Since Wang herself has stated that ‘sustainability is incredibly important’, it’s something to be mindful of before heading over to The Drop today.

By Rebecca Taylor

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