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Gold re-touch

Because we love Photoshop...

Raise your hand if you have never in your life, looking at the covers of fashion magazines, thought you wished to look like those models. Let me tell you a little secret: “those pictures are not real”.

Yes, models have stunning bodies, long legs and yes, they are skinny, but models like any other human beings are not “perfect”.

It is indeed not natural to have such a skinny body and have at the same time those generous curves. That’s Photoshop or in some cases plastic surgery.

This is the inspiration behind the fashion editorial by Alessandro Lo Faro who exasperated the use of Photoshop in this work. The idea is to show how much damage those editing software can make, proposing to us images not real that look gold to the readers’ eyes, gold like the gold jewels on the model’s eyebrows.

Pictures by Alessandro Lo Faro, Make-up by Bacoccoli

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