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This editorial with the title: Femi Fashion shows the image of a modern and independent woman who is aware of her strengths, and she is not afraid to shine. The main inspiration for doing this project was the influence that feminism has on fashion.

The whole editorial is a combination of the present about emancipation in style, time, and the iconic characters - Marlena Dietrich and Coco Chanel.

The photographer's goal was to show how fashion blurs the differences between "male" or "female," and give woman a chance to show her temperament and sexiness. Black and white photos underline the strong character of those women and the suits became symbol of feminism.

Photo : Bartosz Grol

MUA : Agnieszka Adamczyk

Models : Iza Maszadro,Monika Czajkowska, Olga Kucharska

Style : Magdalena Pałka

Production : Antolos Agency Sandra Janocha

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