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Fashionable Breakfast

Luxury Houses have always cared about the well-being of their clients; they provide new clothing

every season, items made of the finest materials and cutting-edge stores, they even organized

cultural exhibitions worldwide, parties and stunning events, free drinks and, moreover, food-rich

feasts. “Panem et circenses (Bread and circuses!)” as the ancient latin poet Giovenale would say.

Not to mention the coolest restaurants and cafés that have been erected in honour of designers or in the name of Fashion! We are here to fulfil this task with a sample of some of the most desirable

couture breakfast spots around the four fashion capitals of the world.

SAINT LAURENT RIVE DROITE CAFÉ in Paris #saintlaurentrivedroite

What about having a French all butter croissant in a black marble pearl in the heart of The City of

Lights? As the neon sparks of the signage at the entrance, the cultural bar is reserved for the

Addicted to Love Saint Laurent and for those never tired of books, because there is also a fine

library offering the latest news.

THOMAS’S BURBERRY in London #Thomas’s

Walking through the crowded city of LNDN has its own charm and Regent Street is perfect for a

quick breakfast upstairs at the idyllic Thomas’s, so named as Mr Burberry. You will loose your

mind sipping a very British tea with jam scones and shepherd's pie.

THE BLUE BOX CAFÉ in New York #theBlueBoxCafe

A cliché…everyone knows the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s in NY City. Inspired by Audrey

Hepburn’s iconic scene, the emperor of jewels decided to open a café in his corner shop at 727 Fifth Avenue. The reopening, with a new look, is going to welcome the 2021.

RALPH’S COFFEE in New York @ralphscoffee

Here we are, good morning American Breakfast! American coffee, American pancakes with maple

syrup and dozen of blueberry muffins and crunchy brownies. Get in my belly!

BAR LUCE in Milano #BarLuce

Fondazione Prada (@fondazioneprada) organizes contemporary art exhibitions and in between

programs of course you can have a pink branded cake and a juice in the morning. Bar Luce has

been projected by the one and only Wes Anderson and pays homage to the colours he used in his

films as well as to the old bars of the city of Milan where it is common to see people eating a very

Italian panino with porchetta. But if you prefer classic Prada style in the city centre, then you need

to go to Marchesi 1824.

CONDE’ NAST FRAME in Milan @condenastframe

Brand new experience store in Piazza Cadorna, the Vogue headquarters realm opens its doors to the public in partnership with Pasticceria San Carlo. The oranges and cappuccino you ask here carry a heavy price, but it’s just 10 am in the morning: well begun is half done.

Are you hungry now, aren’t you?

By Alessandra Busacca

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