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Embroidered boots

The ancient art of needle and thread has its own secrets, handed down generation to

generation in all societies worldwide, from the East to the West. Embroidery was visible on

different materials and items, from clothing to accessories, stitched with gold and silver

thread or accompanied with coloured hand painted drawings.

The technique was a very long and accurate process, elaborate and tiring. Sometimes, their

preciousness demonstrated also a social belonging; craftsmen embroidered pieces were a

work of art. And so they are today, especially in fashion. Beautiful hats, delicious leather bags

and loafers…

In our imagery are delineated the sublime forms of embroidered cowboys boots from Texas,

or the fantastic and rare specimens of 60s flowered suede boots!

You will have a chance to find something similar surfing on the Internet or drop in a vintage

shop, especially for the rare “granny boots”. You can try “The RealReal” platform, a website

empowering consignors and buyers to extend the life cycle of luxury goods.

But first of all, let’s see a crazy selection of them!


This is the King of embroidered boot. It is also in the archives of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Influenced

by the bohemian culture of the 60s, these high-laced boots (1975) became known as "granny boots”.

Their history is confused, but it is said they came to London from Greece.


SELENE leather cowboy boots are still on the e-shop of Ralph Lauren in three colours: tan, red and chocolate brown…just in case you did not find the JE.


“Lucchese” where you can custom your shoes or choose one of their sensational designs. There is also a map to familiarize with boot geography.

This is “Thea” a colorful yellow sun shining on a blue western cowboy sky. Do it



If you prefer modern times and black colour, VONDA

Embroidery Black Boots by Dr. Martens are the best choice. This is the romantic version studded with red roses, but you can also find their imperial Chinese dragon

version, perfect for a groovy touch.


The iconic embroidered quilted “Diorage Boot” from the fall/winter 2018-2019 represents a patchwork fabric.

The collection has been dedicated to women and this boot perfectly suits the idea that an ideal and unique idea of

woman does not exist.

We are all different and all beautiful!

By Alessandra Busacca




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