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Set your soul free

In the ancient world, circuses were built for exhibitions, with the use of a huge number of animals. With those, they used to celebrate battles, the change of season and Gods, of course.

With time, they have reduced the use of animals, no more torture for the poor wild animals. But, the question is: have we set them free and started torturing ourselves instead?

No, I am not talking about the exhibitions, I am talking about our modern society and life.

Sometimes in this contemporary world, where the streets are full of cameras that spy our single move, with social media open to the world 24/7, it feels like we are living in a constant exhibition, in a constant circus.

Everyone can see us, everyone can laugh at us. We live to please what other people see, like in a circus.

Humans should learn how to escape from that, how to run away from the circus and set they free like wild animals…

Pictures by Riccardo Ferrato, stylist Irene Larussa, stylist assistant Giorgia Di Cristo, make-up by Naike Bilardo

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