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Alexa Chung Suburban Punk

"Take one girl stuck in the suburbs wanting to rebel and join the punk movement. Add some leather pants and a DIY customised knit and you're on your way."

These are Alexa’s words to describe her last fashion collection to which she added a playlist on Spotify including artists such as Patty Smith, Blondie and the Sex Pistols and tracks like “Cities in Dust” or “Marquee Moon”.

The rebel Alexa Chung was born in London in 1983. Her ancestors came from Britain and China: a winning match in style. She launched her first eponymous line of clothes in May 2017 after a long career as a model. Combining her job as fashion designer with the passion for literature, in 2013 Alexa published a book titled “It”: a compendium of personal considerations on style, as well as funny jokes on the concept of the “it girl”, so dear to the supporters of Gossip Girls. Do you know that there will be a sequel of the series but with different actors?

Anyway, even before GG, Alexa has always professed the joie de vivre à la française with a special New York attitude and an innate British sense of humour: what she defined “Franglais” behaviour. She said once: « My style is all about wearing the right thing at the wrong time. I’ll happily pair a cocktail dress with flat shoes, or track pants with high heels ». This irreverence is very punk.

Freedom and fun are the mantras to follow for a young fashion designer nowadays, there are so much labels that it is very difficult to please everyone, you need to just do whatever you like without staying to anyone’s expectations.

Now, be inspired by the music and go through the highlights of the Suburban Punk collection, a must have in your wardrobe this winter.



In black or olive colour, they seem hard to wear but they actually are becoming the new jeans.

Paired with a striped knit cardigan!


It seems quite a classic, but paired with boots or with a golden shirt beneath and fishnet stockings; it’s a different story.


Anarchy in leather, all is allowed.


"That's the buzz, cocks" was the catchphrase in a seventies TV serial and was adopted by the Buzzcocks, a famous punk rock band of those years. The bikers boots are essential: with minis, pants, and dresses.

By Alessandra Busacca

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